We partner with companies, governments, nonprofits, educational institutions, multilateral bodies and other organisations to address complex challenges on a global scale Our partners contribute more than money Knowledge sharing, volunteerism, employee engagement and in-kind support facilitate us to build strong, resilient communities.


Humanium is an international NGO focussing on child rights, founded in Geneva in 2008 and dedicated to stopping violations of children’s rights throughout the world in the education space. Humanium has been supporting the special training centres that has ensured over 100 out-of-school children/child labourers/bonded labourers are provided with safe shelter and education. The organisation has also supported in creating a child-friendly village in Kancheepuram district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.


Hand in Hand Switzerland Association is proud to have partnered with Lonza for combatting Covid19 in India. Through this joint initiative, 200,000 households in rural Tamil Nadu will receive hand sanitizers and 500,000 will be made aware on the importance of handwashing and wearing of masks to prevent the spread of disease. In addition, close to 1500 front line sanitary workers will be provided personal protective equipment so they can continue to do their work safely. This project will go a long way in creating awareness and impact in stopping the spread of Covid19 in rural India.

UBS Optimus Foundation

Established in December 1999 by UBS AG, the UBS Optimus Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation committed to improving the wellbeing of children Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, it is led by a team with diverse professional experience in child health, protection, and education. Hand in Hand Switzerland Association through the support of UBS Optimus Foundation has addressed the twin issues of quality institutional support and building the capacities of the caregivers, especially mothers in providing early childhood care. Through the unique project model, 40 Mothers’ Collective have been trained in Early Childhood Development. While the project has impacted 4800 individuals comprising 2400 children across 40 villages in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh, the indirect impact was experienced by 40,000 people including 5500 children.

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Erbacher Foundation

Erbacher Foundation supports development projects in rural regions, in particular, projects that promote livestock farming, crop production, drinking water supply and environmental protection. They also support projects on climate protection and climate change adaptation. The two phases of the Sustainable Organic Farming Technology project has contributed to the regeneration of environment through proper land use and promotion of farm schools and training centres that have been set up benefiting the farmers. Through the initiative, 146 farmers, have gotten into the fold of organic farming in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

1% Fund for Development

1% Fund for Development based out of Switzerland focuses on identification, selection and evaluation of projects, knowing that even smaller investments can make a big difference in people’s lives. Hand in Hand Switzerland Association is working on implementing a project on watershed development and enhancing drinking water availability in Kaliyanoor village in India to reach out to 250 households through this initiative.


Impashion is a socially-conscious clothing and retail brand working to support the eradication of child labour. About 30-40% of the profit of each piece of clothing bought goes towards children's education, empowerment and upliftment globally. Hand in Hand Switzerland Association partners with Impashion to direct the contribution received to support Hand in Hand India’s child labour elimination programme through the provision of uniforms, school bags, school accessories for children in need.

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